Many visualization scripts invite you to imagine yourself in a safe, soothing natural environment like a sunny beach or wooded forest, where you can tune into the sights, sounds and smells of that special place. You are free to roam around this space and see what arises in your mind. Be open to what you see, and know that this place always exists for you to visit.

Studying Me believes that it is possible to generate a most powerful image of yourself associated with seeing yourself in an imagery depicted in the world that creates a sense of empowerment, strength and belonging.

Meditation and Visualization are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and self-awareness and to focus the mind. Visualization is a healthy way of bringing positive energy into your mind, body, and spirit, expanding your capacity for creativity. Meditation and visualization experiences will vary; it is best to let go of expectations and surrender to your own inner wisdom.

By Sharon Cummings & Sheri Davenport

2009-01-01 | Guest Contributormindfulsoulvisualization


In meditation, the mind concentrates while the body relaxes; an effective position in which to begin visualization. You may find it helpful to consult visualization scripts or relaxation scripts before you try on your own. When the mind is clear and the body is relaxed, you can engage the imagination to visualize images and ideas. Meditation and visualization have the power to teach and heal.

Visualization is one method of using the mind to influence the body.

Meditation is a form of mental exercise that has become a popular US health practice. Regular practice of meditation is reported to produce changes in mental state and resting electroencephalogram patterns that persist beyond the time-period of active practice [1]. We hypothesized that regular meditation practice should also result in significant changes in the cortical structure in regions that are routinely engaged during this mental exercise. To test this hypothesis, we used magnetic resonance imaging to visualize differences in the thickness of the cerebral cortex of experienced Buddhist Insight meditation practitioners. This form of meditation does not utilize mantra or chanting. Rather, the main focus of Insight meditation is the cultivation of attention and a mental capacity termed ‘mindfulness’, which is a specific nonjudgmental awareness of present-moment stimuli without cognitive elaboration [2]. The formal practice involves sustained mindful attention to internal and external sensory stimuli. Thus, we tested the hypothesis that between-group and experience-dependent differences in cortical thickness would be found in brain regions involved in attention and sensory processing, thereby showing evidence of cortical plasticity.


Holistic Online cites many university studies showing that visualization has remarkable physical health benefits, including boosting immunity, easing depressionrelieving insomnia, decreasing stress, and alleviating headaches and chronic pain. Often, seeing yourself healthy in your mind — or visualizing the image of a healthy body — is enough for your body to understand it as truth. If you are practicing visualization and meditation for health benefits, you should develop a daily practice to strengthen the communication between mind and body. There are numerous visual and audio visualization scripts available to guide your experience. Do not be attached to the results, but rather observe your personal journey.


To begin visualization:

·          Clear the mind completely. You may begin by concentrating on your breath.

·          Generate an image or idea in your mind before you begin visualization. Try using a general idea such as love,         joy or a positive thought or affirmation such as, “I am balanced.”

·           With each inhale, feel your body expand with potential, and exhale your positive thought into your world.

In the beginning, visualization may be repeating a mantra or concentrating on one positive image, but you can get creative with practice.


Creative visualization, or guided imagery, is using the focus of the mind to create intentional thoughts or goals in your reality. When you can visualize an experience before you act on it, you are better prepared for the outcome. You may use creative visualization to affect your reality with your imagination, or you may choose to ground, relax or heal yourself.

Albert Ellis & Positive Imagery; To enhance a state of relaxation, in this technique a client visualizes a scene, real or imagery, that he finds positive or pleasant.  It is important to discuss with the client exactly what he finds pleasant about his scene.

When the technique is initially carried out the therapist can help reinforce the visualization by asking him to focus on different aspects of it. Clients are encouraged regularly to use this technique as it can help to inhibit or reduce anxiety and physical tension levels. As it is a good cognitive distraction technique, it is particularly useful in pain management. It can also help to counter mild depression or boredom.

We encourage Student/Members to write their own power scenes and submit them for our consideration. We will select scenes written by Student/Members and make them available for all student future usage as an addition to the list of Power Scenes. The authors will receive membership tiered loyalty reward points for their selections.

The purpose of a PowerScene is to place one in touch with his or her most powerful self.

Meadow PowerScene
Now see yourself standing before a beautiful expanse of open, wind-blown grass, sun beaming over your head, radiating its warmth onto your cheeks. Spreading out before you is a lovely meadow. Notice the grass as it blows in the breeze. Look up now at the bright blue sky and the billowy clouds above you. You can see a golden eagle circling overhead, catching the air drafts as it gracefully arcs and glides, making its way across the meadow and to a ridge of mountains far in the distance. Look now to your right. You will see an area filled with wildflowers decorating the landscape with their vibrant colors, releasing their delicate fragrance in the air. You breathe in the sweet smell of the grasses and the flowers. You take a moment to listen to the birds calling, watch the butterflies as they move from flower to flower. To your left is a large flat boulder just the right height for you to sit and lean back on. Walk over and take a seat on this smooth and ancient rock. Rest back and feel its soothing warmth through your clothing. As you look out on the meadow, you know that this is a familiar place, a place that welcomes you, a place of peace and calm where you can find inner strength. Relax. Enjoy this very special moment. Here, you know the truth of your being. You know that within you is enough strength to overcome any obstacle, enough courage to face any challenge, enough insight to recognize your own path, and enough wisdom to pursue it successfully. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you take this peace, this confidence, this truth with you. Any time you feel the need to be here, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and count to three. At that moment, you will be right here again, filled with peace, strength, ad wisdom, ready to meet any challenge, perform any task.

Mountain PowerScene
Imagine yourself in the mountains. The day is perfect, the clear blue-sky overhead, and the sunshine warming your cheeks and shoulders, the crisp, caressing breeze tousling your hair. As you approach the lookout point where the view is the most beautiful, you are happy that you set this day aside for yourself. You have enjoyed the morning hike up the familiar trail. It feels so good to be alone, walking at your own speed, being away from the demands of others and your usual schedule. You think about the views you have seen along the way; the icy mountain streams cascading over the rocks, now at the peak of their fullness from the snowmelt, the three deer you encountered in the meadow raised their heads for a moment to watch you before they continue to feed on the tender grasses and wildflowers. You remember the smell of pine and cedar as you strolled through the thick groves. As you reach the lookout point, you marvel at the majesty before you. You can count five ranges of mountains in the distance, their blueish grey outlines stand out against the sky, and their snowy peaks invite exploration. Below you is a single mountain lake that nestles in among the ancient out cropping is of rocks and boulders. You are at a perfect place for a noonday rest. You catch a glimpse of movement in the sky. A golden eagle soars above you in the updrafts and arcs in graceful circles as you watch. You feel so much a part of this place. The beauty and the grandeur of it fill you with strength and peace of mind. Here, you know the truth of your being. You know that within you is enough strength to overcome any obstacle, enough courage to face any challenge, enough insight to know your own path, and enough wisdom to pursue it successfully with all the resources at your command. Where ever you are, whatever you do, you take this peace, this confidence, this truth with you. Any time you feel the need to be here; just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and count to three. (Relax your shoulders and the rest of your body.) At that moment, you will be right here again, filled with peace and strength, ready to meet any challenge, perform any task, and make any judgment based upon your deepest, innate wisdom.

Park PowerScene
Imagine yourself walking into a beautiful park. It is a perfect, sunshiny day. You see children on the swings, families picnicking. You smell the charcoal and hickory wood in the grills as people prepare their favorite goods. You love the activity in the park and all the different things to see. You walk down by the pond and watch a little girl and her mother feed the ducks. You proceed up the stony walkway to the immaculately kept rose garden. The roses emit a wonderful fragrance. You pause for a moment to admire their radiant colors and breathe in the sweet floral scents. Today you want to take the trail into the woods. You love this walk, especially when you want to be alone. As you enter the woods, you sense a difference. There is peacefulness here. The trees and the shaded path always relax and refresh you. There are the great high oaks with sturdy branches, and giant fir trees—that fill the air with their smell of pine. Their needles cover the trail making a cushion for you to walk on. Now the only signs of activity are the small animals and birds nearby. Farther up the path is your favorite Redwood bench. When you reach it, you sit down and lean back. Looking up, you see the beams of sunlight filtering through the branches overhead. A light breeze rustles through the trees and gently blows across your face. When you listen closely, you can hear the water in the brook just across the trail from where you are sitting. (Insert water sound of babbling brook) This is a special place for you. You belong here. Here is a place where you know yourself. You know that within you is enough strength to overcome any obstacle enough courage to overcome any challenge, enough insight to recognize your own path, and enough wisdom to pursue it successfully. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you take this peace, this confidence, and this truth with you. Any time you feel the need to be in your favorite place again; just close your eyes take a deep breath and relax your shoulders and body. At this moment, you are right here; filled with peace strength and wisdom, ready to meet any challenge, perform any task.

Ocean PowerScene
Now see yourself standing on a beautiful stretch of beach. You can feel the warm sand beneath your feet. The sun shines on your face and your shoulders, relaxing you. The blue sky and the giant white clouds create a perfect complement to the blue of the ocean along with the rhythmic waves as they break just beyond the shore. (Hear seagull sounds) You listen to the sounds around you the seagulls as they call. Watch them as they soar with the sea breezes, effortlessly turning, circling; (Listen to the Ocean sounds) gliding in their wide and graceful arcs high above you. You turn your attention once again to the majesty of the ocean, the endless waters. Look at their variation in color from the pale greens and aqua near the shore to the dark, deep blues as the ocean approaches the horizon. You smell the fresh scents that blow in from the sea winds, you watch the surf that breaks and spreads its sandy foam towards your feet. Now look behind you and you will notice a large, pillowed chaise lounge nearby a beautiful palm tree. It invites you to sink into its softness. You walk over and arrange yourself on the downy soft pillows. Then you settle back to bring yourself into perfect harmony with it, your favorite place. Gaze out at the ocean now watching the waves roll. Their gently rhythmic flow lets you know that you belong here. You feel at peace here. This is a place where you know yourself. You know that you have enough strength to overcome any obstacle, enough courage to face any challenge, enough insight to know your own path, and enough wisdom to pursue it with all the resources at your command. Within you lies, all that you need to achieve your hearts dream. Know this without a doubt… right now. Know too that you take this special moment and its truths with you wherever you go. You can relive this special moment any time you wish. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself here. Right here in the presence of your truth.

City Skyline PowerScene / Hilltop Overlooking City Lights at Night
Imagine yourself standing out on the balcony of a beautiful home. It is a warm summer evening at dusk. The sun has set and its glow still lights the horizon. The warm breeze is gently blowing through youhr hair and across your face and arms. The fireflies are beginning to light near the edges of the grass.
The house is cozy and the lights all around you begin to glisten as they catch your eye. There is a valley laid out in the distance and the balcony overlooks a hillside view of trees and streets in the far off distance visible at the foot of the hillside and stretching towards the downtown busy city area. The roads glisten with the taillights and headlights of traffic that seemingly twinkle towards the outline of the buildings across the back of the horizon Lights begin to twinkle inside the buildings as the silhouette of the Skyscrapers become clear in the glow of the sunset horizon. The only sounds that you hear are crickets chirping, the breeze wafting the leaves of the trees as bullfrogs begin to call out from nearby ponds and crickets chirp to the beat.
The beauty of nature delightfully dances all around the evening skies, as you stand tall above the landscape of lights below in the distance, caressing the night air.

The process of empowerment is a process, which enables one to gain power, authority, and influence over themselves, institutions, or society. Empowerment is probably the totality of the following or similar capabilities:
    • Having decision-making power of one’s own
    • Having access to information and resources to make proper decisions
    • Having a range of options from which you can make choices (not just yes/no, either/or.)
    • Ability to exercise assertiveness in collective decision making
    • Having positive thinking on the ability to make change
    • Ability to learn skills for improving one’s personal or group power
    • Ability to change others’ perceptions by democratic means
    • Involving in the growth process and changes that is never ending and self-initiated
    • Increasing one’s positive self-image and overcoming stigma
    • Increasing one’s ability in discreet thinking to sort out right and wrong

In short, empowerment is the process of reaching our inner strength and true self. This sets the stage and tone thereby promoting a heightened level of belief in ones capabilities. It is in this state of being that we are most effective and able to gain the knowledge, skill-sets, and courage needed to cope with the changing world around us.