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  • Self-talk

  • The journey inward is like reading the owners manual to a brand new car. Discovering new buttons, control levers and understanding their function is a necessary first step.

    Looking inside our mind…

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    • I am ever so very motivated by you and your perseverance Lisa. You have continued to smile and shine throughout this journey we have embarked upon together. Life has thrown a lot of things our direction and we are still smiling and know that THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER means us too! We will overcome and our joy is with us through thick and through thin. I love your 💜 .

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  • “People with high assurance in their capabilities approach difficult tasks as challenges to be mastered rather than as threats to be avoided.”

    –Albert Bandura

    • This hurricane has really put my belief system to the test. You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?!

      • I’ve spent the last several years working on the art of meditation and teaching it to others. The goal is to build an inner foundation of peace that would carry a person through difficult times such as a hurricane evacuation. Yes I have been displaced since September 7th of 2017 to present.

    • Hurricane Irma ripped through Cudjoe Key at MM 23 and forced a mandatory evacuation order from the governor of Florida on September 7th 2017. Our Community turned into a ghost town within a day of the news. The boarding of windows and doors of homeowners who were in a hurried and panic stricken frenzie felt thick with fear.

      • It’s has been almost five months since the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Many people were affected and their lives turned upside down. I am one of those people. I hurt and feel despair and I also know that so many many others feel the same and still others have faced even a more horrific experience than I.

        A coming together of those who have been damaged emotionally, physically, materially, and economically is what I think would help me. I need to talk about what has happened to me and have it fall upon sympathetic and empathetic ears. Not only a heartfelt listener which I’ve had from time to time but, ears that are the same as mine.

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    • Prior to Hurricane Irma making landfall on the Key where I lived in Florida September 10, 2017 I hosted a meditation meeting three times per week on Big Pine Key. I held the meditations on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for over a year. The group was open and we meditated for 45 minutes sometimes silent and sometimes with soft sounds varying from nature, rainfall, birds, ocean waves crashing upon the shores and much more. I found through the passing of time that the practice of meditation had an impact on the emotional state that I carried as a human walking this earth.

      I realize that the last sentence became a little deep yet this I decided to leave exactly the way I initially was feeling as I wrote my sentence because it’s is the perfect example of the transformation that occurred within me. I began to see myself as another person who walked naked without worldly possessions simply upon this earth. I lost the focus of the events of each individual day. This is not to say that I no longer live in the here and now. It is in fact quite the contrary. My view of the present simply fits into a much larger picture. I have made a connection with the universe and time has no influence upon this state of being.

      I have become free from the hustle and bustle associated with each daily happenstance of my life. Life is simply on “life’s terms”to quote a cliche that is reality for me today.

      The act of clearing my mind and thoughts to simply be began to change my state of being. I began to know that I had been forever changed by this process. I felt different I felt peace upon awakening and I no longer had to work to get there. The peace had become my normal condition and when my feeling outside of that calm that inner beauty and peace attempted to find its way into my being I knew that it didn’t belong there. I knew that it didn’t belong to me at all.

      Peace was mine so long as I tend to this emotional state of being. I was very new to this condition living my entire life suffering from panic attacks and damaging anxiety up to this transformative moment.

      I felt changed, I believed that I was affected in a way that was permanent. I cannot explain how I knew this to be true other than that I felt as if I had become peace! Now certainly this theory was eventually going to be put to the test. Yes, sooner than later this was going to hit the Litmus Test! I surely did not know exactly HOW SOON INDEED!

      Hurricane Irma – The Litmus Test

      The state of my inner being is no longer reliant nor dependent upon any outside event, condition or person. Big talk for such a little girl.