I just want to go Home

“The search may begin with a restless feeling, as if one were being watched. One turns in all directions and sees nothing. Yet one senses that there is a source for this deep restlessness; and that the path that leads there is not a path to a strange place, but the path home.”

The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

Studying Me provides an experience for the Student/Member to tailor make a personal audio recording designed specifically for their individual needs.The recording focuses on user selected elements such as relaxation techniques, chosen ideas for self-empowerment, building personal self-efficacy,  training personal coping skills, and the blueprinting of positive mental structures that overcome any maladjusted emotive responses. These are our self-defeating emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings. These negative emotions lead to fear that causes anxiety which, further causes the poor performance on exams. This is a common cause of failure in test takers of all types and backgrounds.

Exam Anxiety is one of the leading causes of failure among students worldwide.

Our parent organization, Worldwide Education, Incorporated, has a longstanding mission to teach with purpose. This begins with understanding oneself. This happens in the absence of these personal stressors that cause test taking anxiety.

It is imperative that we are able to create rational emotions to replace the troubling, maladjusted, emotional constructs which have caused the anxiety felt when facing exams. A positive performance occurs with the positive emotional state. This stress-free state of being emerges and fosters a newfound belief in one’s personal ability to perform well. This is called self-efficacy, the belief in one’s own capability to perform.

A transformed student with transformed ideas and predictable, positive results emerges.

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