Peace is an inside job!

Design your Personal Audio Therapeutic Session using words, sounds, scenes, affirmations and other statements that connect with you. Tailoring the recording So that it has meaning to the individual and is a pleasing to the listener is all part of this experience. The added touch is that it touches core issues that are yours and that are real for you allows the journey inward to begin.
There is a journaling process that will uncover the things we tell ourselves. Once the student has discovered the voice inside it is written on paper and the evaluated. When did this begin, where did it come from, and more importantly is it true? Once we have the answer to these and other important questions we begin to formulate a message that is our truth and train our inner voice to own that truth! 

This process will uncover the lies we have been telling ourselves for our lifetime. These lies that must be brought out into the light of day and seen for what they are, a lie! We cleanse them away and find our truth and this becomes the new message that we send to our self and to our spirits. We are made new and set free from the lies. 

The Audio Session is 18-minutes long, created with the assistance of the Student/Member, and downloadable. This serves as a personal therapeutic meditation session designed for the student by the student. The audio is comprised of scripts containing relaxation, empowerment, and self-efficacy, belief that we are capable, building techniques for life changing results. The Student/Member will go through a process of identifying the negative self-talk causing the negative emotional and physical responses resulting in fear and anxiety.

Once these problematic systems are uncovered the Student/Member is guided through a process of writing the true statements and beliefs that will replace them. Once the audio design process is completed the end result is a recorded session so personal and member specific that it will call the listener by name. So accurate in personalizing the therapy as to exact a psychic change in the self-efficacy of the individual. A newfound belief in one’s own ability to perform tasks and the capability to do so will endure long after this experience has ended. The long-term life altering affects learned in this program are able to change the outcome of a generation. It begins with you. 

More About the Personal Audio Therapy Session

The members personalized audio recording calls the member by name, states the exact course and nature of the exam, course material, even the specific instructor’s name. The Student/Member selects the gender of the narrator and the background music playing along with the type of relaxation method used and the time of day or the environment which it will be listened to. The narrator’s voice may be male or female and samples of several different types of voices ranging from soft, strong, male, female, and various dialects are available for review and selection.

Each member also assists in determining a PowerScene. A PowerScene is a setting, outdoors usually, where a person can imagine himself or herself being and feeling at peace with nature and with themselves. This is a place that simply imagining oneself being there fills you with energy, strength, and a sense of empowerment. Examples of this would be a mountaintop, or a sunset beach, a meadow, in a park or near a stream. This sense of self-empowerment aids in the proper “state of being” desired as the session takes the listener in a journey to discover themselves and begin this ‘efficacy-training’ project. Efficacy means effectiveness, self-efficacy means feeling we are effective, capable. Self-efficacy learned in this program is the confidence training that each individual is in fact capable, it becomes the belief, the truth we now possess inside. 

Each member follows a guided process of determining his or her personal areas of irrational self-talk. The lies we learned to believe about ourselves, the lies that tell us we are going to fail. Next, the program debunks these lies for exactly what they are … false!  Then we begin to define the truth and turn them into personal affirmations, or as we like to refer to them, PowerStatements.   Statements that will replace the false ones and generate new beliefs which, are personally meaningful and individual. This process will completely transform the false beliefs that have been ingrained in our psyche and are responsible for our anxiety. 

A step-by-step path is laid out in this process  for each member personally in this stage of the program. We do know that the human mind does function alike and still yet we are all so very different. The manner in which we each relate to our specific environments are distinctively ours.

This program cherishes that which is unique in each individual and provides the resources to simply adjust our dials just a little to overcome the subtle thoughts that are simply holding us back.

The Audio Recording guides each member on a personal journey of self-discovery and introduces them each to the greatness within themselves. There is significance within each individual as uniquely his as a fingerprint. Your potential was impregnated in you at the moment of your conception. Most require proper coaching to manifest the full potential of our talent. There is a uniqueness that only you possess. You are the only you and as the great Doctor Suess said, ‘no one is youer than you!” The purpose and destiny inside will be placed onto a pathway from which you may guide into the light. The light is bright because it is the light of your future and you are in charge forevermore. 

More about the Personal Audio Session Therapy (PAST)

The Audio Recording begins by entering into a peaceful relaxed state, then a visual walk-through of the PowerScene. The process of uncovering the negative self-talk has already taken place at this stage and the revitalizing of the true self can take place here.

The end of the tape focuses on the actual testing exam room, and walks the member through the process possessing the new mindset. Affirmations of capability now hold firm ground upon reaching the inner personality and addressing the false feelings that were holding you back from greatness. We realize how invalid and simply untrue they actually were once brought out from the dark corners of our mind for evaluation.

There are those that we may identify and know exactly whose words they are and others that we may never be able to determine their origination but, nonetheless WE NOW KNOW THEY ARE NOT TRUE.

These thoughts, feelings, and beliefs appear silly once under the microscope and are easily found to be FALSE once we are able to take a close-up look at them. Once we actually uncover them and debunk them, they can no longer hold water. The problem is that we are not even aware they exist because they cross our minds in such an instant flash that we barely ever even realize them.

The Audio Session can be listened to directly from the website or downloaded onto the personal device of choice: computer, iPhone, iPad, personal tablet, among others. The goal is to participate in the program custom tailored and designed specifically for the member. In addition, to listen to their personal Audio Session on a regular basis daily for two weeks prior to the exam date.

The Audio Product assists the listener in achieving a meditation-like state purposed to produce the experience of serenity whereby the Student/Member may release anxiety. The action of releasing tensions permits the ability to locate and uncover any existing fears. Looking at our fears in the light of day, examining them directly and determining that they are in fact UNTRUE creates a change an actual paradigm shift for the student.

This website offers a product which, is personalized to the user because they are in fact actually designed by the user. The user is able to choose what goes into his or her Audio Session. The marketplace currently offers products designed to relax a listener. There are other products offering affirmations to improve the feelings of a listener. The use of such items are certainly helpful. They do offer some assistance yet they do not offer a permanent solution.

The products found in the marketplace are different from ours in the following ways:
• They offer a pre-recorded audio that is non-personal. It has no option to permit your input and it is not suitable to accomplish the desired end specifically with the same goal in mind as the user. The goal is to speak directly on an interpersonal level.
Individualized Audio Media, allows you to direct the creation of your own-recorded product.
You will be the director choosing:

  1. Background Music
  2. Method of Relaxation
  3. Gender of the Narrator
  4. A specific scene that empowers you
  5. Content of the your Exam
  6. Your Examination Scenario
  7. Positive affirmations, PowerStatements to reduce your anxiety
  8. Manner for ending your session

Personalizing the Audio/ Media Experience

The product is a personalized audio recording created under the direction of the member to include personal information such as the member’s name, the exact course, the instructor’s name, a PowerScene selected by the Student/Member, affirmations selected by the Student/Members and much more personalization. It is an 18 minute long recording narrated in the voice and gender of Student/Member’s choice. The tape will guide the member into a peaceful relaxed state, then visually walk them through the testing exam room, and state to them their Affirmations Of Kapability, letting them know they are A-OK. The recording downloads directly from the website onto your personal computer. The goal is to participate in the program designed specifically for the member on a regular basis daily before the exam date.
1) Achieve a state of peaceful meditation & relaxation
2) Find your most powerful self through a Power Scene
3) Visualize the exam setting
4) Repeat Positive Affirmations

Link to the psychology terms presented in “How it Works”.

PAST is a meditation-based individualized audio media tool focused on relaxation as a source of self-empowerment, which is developed to assist test takers of all types and backgrounds in accessing their inner strength and true knowledge base. It promotes a level of peace that allows for a stress free test taking process to occur. Stress is one of the leading causes of failure to pass exams among students worldwide.

Worldwide Education has known this for decades and has worked with individuals in a campus setting to overcome the fear leading to stressors, which are the ultimate reason behind low-test scores. Relaxation strategies that further enhance a sense of self-empowerment have proven to be that extra nudge that turns failure into success.

About the Listener
The user will aid in the developmental design program of the audio CD by providing information pertaining to his or herself that allows for a very personal relaxation and empowerment experience. The user may select a male or female voice and a power scene of their choosing. There are different methods of relaxation to select from. The listener will elect the affirmations that they have found to be most motivating and give power to their purpose.

About the Encounter

The Audio is designed to be approximately 18 minutes in length. It begins with relaxation techniques. A visual description is provided of a scene selected by the user to create a sense of empowerment. Affirmations are created for the client to further encouragement and change. The guided session then walks them completely through the experience from beginning to end. Building the confidence from the foundation up so that it takes ownership is the needed transformation thevstufent must have before we begin addressing fears that ordinarily arise on the day of the exam.

A competent mindset has been created and a feeling of liberation from the fear producing stimuli. Below find a few samples of script that is available for the Personal Audio Session Therapy (PAST): 

Sample Exam Therapy Script:

“See yourself at the place of your examination. You’re seated and you are confident and ready. As you prepare to begin your test, you remind yourself that there are only two kinds of questions you will see: Those you know the answers to and those that you can figure out. You begin your exam. You find the questions to be interesting and your attention is easily focused. You understand what the question is asking. Information that will help you answer the question comes freely to mind. You begin to read the possible choices. You assess each as you read it. You eliminate wrong answers. You make your choice with confidence and immediately move on to the next question. You give each question all of your attention. As you move on through the test, your concentration is keen. You are demonstrating your knowledge, you are prepared for this task, and you are doing well.

You pace yourself evenly through each set of questions. Nothing distracts you. Nothing interrupts you. You work steadily with full concentration.

If at any time throughout the test, you begin to feel especially challenged, take a deep breath, and relax your body. As you exhale your mind will become clear and you will be at your inner source of wisdom. What you require is immediately available to you. You have only to affirm that your need is being met in this very moment.

Let us affirm the statements you have chosen. Repeat the words in your mind or softly aloud. Now for the last PowerStatement say, “I CAN pass this exam and I Will pass this Exam.”

I SEE IT! I KNOW IT! I FEEL IT! Make every cell in your body respond to this truth.


Uniform Affirmation Examples:

Throughout the day, my body will remain relaxed and comfortable.

I will be calm and resolute in the face of challenge

I will remain calm and confident, allowing my intentions to drive my actions

Everything I do brings me closer to my success. I let nothing stand in my way. Old habits give way to my belief that I possess the steadfast determination to have the success I want.

End Meditation Daytime

Take another deep breath and begin to orient yourself to this time and place. Become aware of your physical body, your surroundings and the surface that supports you. Return to normal awareness by counting with me from one to five and when you reach five you will be fully alert, eyes open, and ready to go on with your day.

So, let us begin:

1) Orient yourself to the surface that you are resting on.

2) Take a full breath and begin moving your body gently;

3) Stretch out your arms and your legs

4) When you are ready, open your eyes, and focus on your surroundings

5) Take another deep refreshing breath filling your lungs with oxygen, you are now feeling wide-awake and very empowered. You are ready to meet today’s challenges with a newfound confidence as the successful person that you are created to be.

Thank you, this session is complete.

End Meditation for a Restful night’s sleep

Now it is time to orient yourself to your bed and consider your night’s sleep. Your sleep will be restful and restorative. Your dreams will include friends and loved ones, telling you that you are strong and capable of meeting every challenge that is before you. You will awaken in the morning full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to meet the day and all that is before you. Now is the time to turn off your audio and slide down into your bed, and gently drift off into restful sleep … Good Night.

The following is a sample of the script that is among the selections available to the Student/Member:

To begin this session, please make yourself comfortable, whether lying or sitting. Loosen any clothing that might bind you…Settle in now…Allow yourself to relax… Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and roll them slightly upward as you begin this inward journey … Now turn your attention to your breathing … Take a deep, relaxing breath. As you breathe out, let go … Allow yourself to release any tensions of the day… in peace, calmness, and relaxation …And with every breath out, you are releasing all worries and negative thoughts … Give yourself another moment now to take another deep breath …Experience the quietness and tranquility that comes with it …Continue breathing normally…During this session, if there is a situation that requires your attention, stretch, count to three, open your eyes, and you will be ready to take care of any circumstance appropriately. If you can identify any trace of tension remaining in your body, focus on it and release it…If you need to reposition yourself, do so now.
Take another deep, relaxing breath. Take a breath in through your nose, and hold it for three seconds…Release it now. Take another deep breath slowly in through your nose…Hold it…Hold it…Release it. And now more slowly, take a deep breath in and hold it, hold it, hold it, and release it slowly out your mouth. At this time, take another deep, relaxing breath and release it Breathe normally now.
Feel your face relax. Your jaw is slack, tongue relaxed in your mouth. Your eyelids are heavy and still, neck and shoulders are warm and relaxed. Your arms and legs are heavy now and you are becoming very, very calm and still. Repeat these thoughts in your mind after me: I am still and relaxed … my breathing is easy and restful… My heartbeat is calm and regular.
Your body feels very heavy now. You feel totally supported, totally peaceful, the last traces f tension drain out through your body, out through your fingers and toes, out and away from you. Once more, take another deep, relaxing breath. All tensions, all cares, all concerns just slip away. You are very relaxed now, deeply, deeply relaxed, warm, and comfortable and supported, experiencing total and complete calmness and tranquility. Gently drift and float now in this state of deep relaxation. Imagine that you are surrounded by a beautiful, protective white light. Take a moment to see it, to feel its presence. It creates for you a safe and protective environment that will be with you throughout this journey, and if any time you need it, imagine now a brilliant stream of this radiant white light pouring its energy through the crown of your head and through your body. Watch it as it fills your head, cleansing and revitalizing your brain. See it as it moves down your face and neck, relaxing each muscle. Your jaw is slack now, and your eyelids are heavy and still. Take a breath and move the light down your neck and across your shoulders into each arm past the elbow down the forearm, and into your hand. Feel the light as it pools into the palms of your hands. You might become aware of a tingling sensation or a sensation of warmth. Enjoy that for a moment… Now beam the light out the ends of your fingers. You can see the as it extends from them. With another breath send the light down each leg, filling and relaxing the muscles. And now watch it fill your feet and toes. See your whole body filled and radiating with white light. Send the light into any area of special need and see it cleansing, strengthening, and revitalizing this area, meeting this need. Now take another breath and allow the light to pour out your feet and into the ground, taking with it all the things that you do not need. Know that the light stays with you, in you, around you, flowing always there for you to direct and use whenever you call on it.

Personalized Audio is designed by each student to resonate deep within the Student/Member on an interpersonal level:

i. Student/Members are able to select voices that are most soothing to them personally for the Audio Tapes.
ii. They choose the PowerScenes that are most meaningful and moving to each Student/Member.
iii. Affirmations are another source of empowerment according to the language of the heart for each Student/Member.
iv. The personal name of the Student/Member is used.
v. The Student/Member also selects the background music.
vi. Student/Members direct the phraseology to reflect their personal situation.

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